Tony caspers

 Tony Caspers

President of Final Option Inc.

Tony currently serves in law enforcement on a large city department for over 29+ years and has over 22 years on the departments SWAT team. He has served in the Uniform Patrol Division, Street Crimes Unit, Narcotics Unit, ATF Weapons Task Force, K-9 Unit, and Special Operations Division/SWAT.  In SWAT he has served on the entry team as a senior operator,  team leader and SWAT Supervisor.  Tony has served over 1500+ high risk warrants/SWAT call outs and specializes in firearms training and CQB tactics.  He has performed PSD work keeping Presidents, diplomats, movie stars and VIP’s protected on details.   He currently serves as the range master were he is responsible for the firearms and tactical training for 850+ officer department.

Tony has been instructing handgun, carbine rifle, shotgun, SMG’s and SWAT tactics to state and regional SWAT associations, local, state, federal agencies, tier 1 military groups and college universities for the last 15+ years. 

He also specializes in training and certifying firearms instructors and teaching advanced “instruct the instructor” firearms training programs.

He also enjoys instructing civilians from beginners to advanced shooters in firearms tactics and self-defense. 

 Over the years he has graduated from dozens of instructor/”train the trainer” courses including being a graduate of the Federal Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor certification program (FLETC).  Tony considers himself a “life long student” to the shooting and defensive tactics world.

Tony also competes and has had regional and national titles in national and international tactical SWAT competitions, handgun, sniper and SMG competitions and is a life NRA Patriot member.

He also was the Winner of a 12 week TV series called “Elite Tactical Unit.”

Tony is also an adjunct senior instructor for the SIG SAUER Academy were he travels nationally and internationally instructing specialty units within the Military, Special Operations and law Enforcement communities as well as the civilian sector.

Training Motto

"You can will attitude, but you can't will skill"